Everyone Wants To Beat Up Scout, Amazon’s Adorable New Delivery Robot

The Guardian

Technology can save, extend, and help the lives of millions of people around the world. But not every advance in technology is well-received by the masses. Take Google Glass those, goofy-looking glasses that gave you a HUD and could take photos and video. The technology was a breakthrough, and there was a load of potential to what the technology could do.

The problem was, well, it looked lame as hell. And people aren’t going to embrace stuff that makes you look weird. Another weird technology comes from the world of robotics. Those videos of robots doing human-like movements or opening doors are terrifying for a number of reasons. People want technology that helps, but doesn’t replace people.

Which is why it’s no surprise that people are really interested in beating the hell out of a new delivery robot Amazon hopes will one day endure your blows on the wild suburban streets of America. The Guardian recently shared a video made by Amazon of Scout, a delivery robot the company has apparently developed to autonomously deliver packages.

“This little droid could be the future of delivery,” the narration reads while cheery music plays. The drone is shown using its six wheels to drive up to a house, where a waiting customer was glad to receive a package from the autonomous little fella. It was a wonderful snapshot of a future made possible by our benevolent oligarchs.

But basically every reply to watching Scout in action has been of repulsion and, in most cases, threats of violence.

No, really. People — myself included — absolutely want to mess this robot up.

More than a few people made reference to HitchBOT, the beloved robot that made its way around the country before it was brutally beaten by someone in Philadelphia. But there was also a darker, more cynical look at autonomous drone delivery as well.

Who knows if Amazon actually uses this little guy, but it’s clear that people will be ready to attack if it appears on their street anytime soon.