Sean Gunn Pens A Supportive Note To James Gunn Following His Firing From ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3’

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Disney’s decision to fire James Gunn from directing Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 on Friday was a shock to the system for fans heading to Comic-Con over the weekend. While Marvel didn’t have much of a presence at the convention, Gunn was set to attend before old tweets resurfaced thanks to the efforts people with their own questionable tweets. The content of the tweets is indefensible and dumb, really placing Disney in a spot where they had to follow their precedent with the Roseanne tweet controversy and fire Gunn. There are plenty of ways that each situation is different from the other, but this isn’t about that.

It is about the support that has popped up for Gunn in the aftermath — and some of his criticism. Most online are not out to defend the tweets but are noting that Gunn had changed since the period when he made them. None made that more evident than his brother Sean Gunn, an actor you’ve undoubtedly seen in the Guardians films at this point and Gilmore Girls. In a series of tweets, Gunn didn’t go out to defend his brother’s past tweets, calling them “downright stupid’ at one point, and offering support while painting a picture of the director today:

I hope it goes without saying that I love and support my brother James. And I’m quite proud of how kind, generous, and compassionate he is with the people in his life, whether they are friends, family, colleagues, fans, or strangers.

Since he was a kid, it was clear he had a desire (maybe destiny) to be an artist, tell stories, find his voice through comics, films, his band. The struggle to find that voice was sometimes clunky, misguided, or downright stupid, and sometimes wonderful, moving, and hilarious.

Since devoting his entire life to the Guardians movies and MCU six years ago, I’ve seen him channel that voice into his work on those movies and seen him transform from the guy who made up things to shock people.

I saw firsthand as he went from worrying about “softening his edge” for a larger audience to realizing that his “edge” wasn’t as useful of a tool as he thought it was. That his gift for storytelling was something better.

The full tweet thread is worth the time and closed out by adding that working on the Guardians films “made my brother a better person, and they made me one too. I’m proud of that.”

Others also shared their thoughts on Gunn’s firing, including Guardians actor Dave Bautista and actress Selma Blair, the latter who not only shared a tweet of support but also followed it with a call to sign a petition to re-hire him for Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3:

Bautista’s words were similar, saying that Gunn is “one of the most loving, caring, good natured people I have ever met” and adding that he is not OK with what has happened.

It is hard to say where it will go from here for Gunn, but it would seem this isn’t entirely over yet.

(Via Deadline / IndieWire)