Alex Jones Went To Seattle, Yelled At People On The Street, Got Coffee Dumped On Him, And Then Got Trolled By The Seattle Police

Aside from Last Week Tonight‘s concise “snake oil salesman” critique and a perplexing social media friendship with Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, Alex Jones thankfully hasn’t been in the news a whole lot lately. Or at least that was until the conspiracy theorist decided to take his latest livestream to downtown Seattle Friday morning. That’s where Jones and his crew filmed a combative livestream which many locals immediately called out for being fake — even the Seattle Police Department.

A little over two minutes into Jones’ Periscope video, a random passerby flipped him the bird. “Come on over here. No, you flipped me off. Come on, coward,” Jones accosted the man. “You’re not an intellectual. You’re a fake and a fraud.” When the unidentified man flipped Jones off again, he after the guy and got in his face. “I’m right here!” Not long after, another person called Jones “trash” and, when confronted, poured his cup of coffee onto the conspiracy theorist.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter had a good laugh about the charade, but Super Deluxe video maestro Vic Berger and others were quick to point out the coffee episode’s true nature. Mainly because, as Twitter quickly determined, the man who apparently accosted Jones with his morning coffee was local actor Jake Stratton.

Despite the supposed identification, others were quick to note that Stratton’s participation didn’t necessarily mean his portion of Jones’ video was fake.

Either way, the internet couldn’t resist the latest opportunity to troll Jones — especially when the Seattle Police Department’s Twitter account got involved.

It all went down (or up?) hill from there.