Sesame Street Glitches Are The Most Childhood Destroying Glitches Of All

Ernie? What did Bert do to you Ernie?!

If you owned an N64 back in the day you probably know about the “cartridge tilting” trick — basically, pull one corner of a cartridge slightly out of the system and your game will still play, but all of the characters in the game will glitch out like they’re possessed by the devil. The results were weird enough in a game like GoldenEye, but pull the trick on a kid’s game like Elmo’s Letter Adventure and you’ve got yourself some straight-up nightmare fuel.

Hit the jump for the day Satan came to Sesame Street…

So uh, Grover totally says “you’re dead, f–k you” around the 1:10 mark, right? Am I the only one hearing this? I admit it could just be the voices in my head, but those usually sound like Cookie Monster, not Grover. Hmmm.

via Vinesauce