Seth Meyers Actually Wants Trump To Take The House Speaker Gig Because He’ll Be ‘Miserable By Day 2’

The Republican-led House of Representatives is in disarray. Last week, after Congress narrowly avoided a government shutdown, MAGA chaos agent Matt Gaetz successfully got Kevin McCarthy ousted from his Speaker gig. Who would replace him? Some floated a curious name: Donald Trump. That’s probably not going to happen. For one thing he’s thrown his weight behind Jim Jordan, the Beavis to Gaetz’s Butt-Head. But there’s one person who wants him to take it, if only because it will drive him crazy.

On Thursday’s iteration of Late Night with Seth Meyers, the host roasted the GOP for not being able to govern — and for considering the worst guy imaginable to calm things down.

“Yes, tensions are high and Republicans are near fisticuffs. So naturally, the person to help calm things down is Donald Trump,” Meyers told the crowd. “The Republican party is such a mess, they’re asking for help from a guy who’s in court for fraud because no one else is willing to help them out. The GOP is like a guy who’s so desperate for a ride to the airport, he calls a friend who’s under house arrest.”

But maybe giving Trump a boring job is what will finally break him.

“He’ll be miserable by Day 2,” Meyers said. “It’s all boring procedure and filing legislation and saying mind-numbing shit like ‘The gentleman from South Carolina is recognized.’ He would hate it so much, he’ll actually want to go to prison.”

You can watch Meyers’ whole segment — which includes multiple digs at Gaetz’s alleged use of erectile dysfunction pills — in the video above.

(Via The Daily Beast)