Seth Rogen’s Mom Overshared About Sex On Twitter To His Horror, And The Delight Of Everyone Else

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Is there anything worse than hearing about your parents sex life? I mean, literally getting set on fire, probably. Being buried in the sand up to your neck and then having your face covered with fire ants. But hearing your parents talk about sex? Definitely, like, up there.

Yes, the horror of even thinking about your parents and anything having to do with sex is something that unites us all, and this includes famous actor, comedian and Preacher executive producer Seth Rogen.

In case you weren’t aware, Rogen’s mother, Sandy Rogen, is on Twitter and she is amazing — boasting a cool 42K followers and counting. Yesterday Mrs. Rogen delivered yet another one of her fire tweets with the following observation about the side effects of sexual intercourse before bedtime, to the predictable horror of her son.

But Sandy was not having her son’s disgust of what is honestly just a beautiful and natural part of life — when it comes down to it — and came back to play the #actually card:

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