SETI Back Scanning the Skies?

After decades of scanning and some pretty innovative ideas like the SETI@home project, SETI went into “hibernation” early this year. Fortunately, we still have some people who believe: they’re out of hibernation and back scanning the skies. Why?

Over 45 days, $200,000 was raised, including a check from Jodie Foster. It turns out that people want somebody watching the skies for what will probably be alien porn or alien trucker broadcasts, and they’re willing to pay for it. Honestly, this makes us happy if for no other reason than a gigantic telescope array sitting dormant is retarded. SETI is hoping to get ongoing funding by tracking asteroids that might wreck satellites during the day, and looking for aliens during the night, but however they fund it, it’s nice to have somebody looking at the stars.

[ via the dishwashers at Engadget ]