Sesame Street: You People Stop It Right Now With The Sexy Big Bird Costumes!


As we’ve stated before, some things should never be made into a “sexy” Halloween costume. One of those things is Big Bird, obviously, because Big Bird is a g*ddamn national treasure! You do not f*ck with Big Bird. Just ask Mitt Romney. But still, there’s a “Sexy Big Bird” costume out there (pictured above), though the Sesame Workshop people are trying to get rid of it.

“Our legal team has sent a cease and desist letter to the website selling them,” Sarah Beth Erb from Seseame Street Workshop told Buzzfeed. “We will monitor the site, and follow up accordingly to make sure the items in question are removed.”

Reports Buzzfeed:

Even though Sesame Street Workshop has issued the cease and desist, the costumes are still being sold on It’s unclear how this will be resolved – whether Yandy’s trick of selling sexy outfits that look vaguely suggestive of a trademarked character and selling the licensed accessory separately – will work, or if Sesame Street’s case is strong enough to force them to stop selling before Halloween.

One thing IS clear: the nice people at Sesame Street do not want you wearing a slutty Bird Bird costume this year.

Personally, I’d rather go as a Pissed Big Bird than a Sexy Big Bird for Halloween. Maybe that’s just me.

(Via Buzzfeed)

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