A Sexy Female Version Of The Ken Bone Halloween Costume Is Already Sold Out

With Halloween only a few weeks away, it’s only natural that we’re starting to see silly and occasionally offensive pop culture inspired Halloween costumes, and as such, Sunday night’s second presidential debate had barely even concluded before people were planning out their brilliant Ken Bone outfits. It’s easy to see why Bone became a viral sensation, and therefore costume fodder, since it’s practically like god gifted the earth with a real life Jerry Gergich.

What is less clear is why anyone would want to dress as “sexy” Ken Bone for Halloween, but that is exactly what online lingerie retailer Yandy is offering with this “sexy undecided voter” costume. According to the product description, for the very reasonable price of $99.95, the costume gets you “an iconic red crop top with cap sleeves, a white cropped undershirt, blue high waisted pants with a back zipper closure, the must-have mustache, black glasses and, of course, a microphone.”

Uhh, for your information that wasn’t just any “iconic” red top, it was an Izod. As to why anyone would pay nearly 100 dollars on a costume you could clearly make yourself out of household items and digging around in your closet is besides the point, however, because apparently it’s already sold out. You know what they say: a fool and their money, something something.

(Via Yandy)