Shatner Finally Putting Out a Third Album?

I’m just going to out myself here as a genuine, sincere fan of “Has-Been”, the second album of William Shatner. Seriously. It’s not an ironic appreciation; it’s a good album. Ben Folds does a good job producing, it includes a cover of Pulp’s “Common People” way better than the original, and there are moments both funny and heartbreaking. In fact, one track is essentially just Shatner talking about the death of his third wife.
So I’m a little torn with news that the Shat is delivering a third album consisting entirely of…ironic covers of heavy metal songs. First of all, Pat Boone and Richard Cheese have cornered the market on this. Secondly, I like sincere musical Shatner better. But at least Zakk Wylde is laying down the guitar tracks. On the next slide, have some behind-the-scenes footage of the album being made, and a selection of Shatner’s greatest (and “greatest”) hits.

[ via the classically trained extras at Blastr ]

Seriously, Nimoy put out seven albums of this stuff. And my dad owns all of them for some reason. Be thankful I didn’t subject you to Leonard’s version of “Proud Mary”; the rhythm track is the production staff slitting their wrists.