‘She A Hoe’ Trending On International Women’s Day Is Why We Need International Women’s Day

Life Writer


Ahh, there’s nothing like some delicious misogyny and ignorance to counteract the greatness that is International Women’s Day. The one day of the year the world unifies and agrees that women need to be celebrated and appreciated for being and continuing to be amazing in the face of racism, sexism, abuse, and disrespect. I mean, I can go on all day here.

While #InternationalWomensDay trends high on Twitter, “She A Hoe” is currently moving up the ranks because people suck. Thousands of asinine tweets about how women are promiscuous for silly things like using a dog filter on social media or eating freakin’ IHOP pancakes are filling up timelines and spreading fast. Because who doesn’t love stereotypes about women, right?

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