This Sign Posted Outside A 'Magic: The Gathering' Tournament Confirms Every 'Magic' Stereotype

Everything stereotype you think about Magic the Gathering players is probably true. Are tournaments full of smelly dudes with their butt cracks showing? Unfortunately, yes, unless that’s your thing. Then you be you, smelly butt lover. Anyway, the sign above was posted outside “a hobby store where Magic: The Gathering tournaments are held,” according to Redditor C-Ron, and it’s not an isolated incident, either.

There is a local game shop here in Oklahoma City that holds regular MtG tournaments and hosts a lot of table top role-playing nights. They have a brass engraving that states something along the lines of “If you smell and haven’t showered in the last 24 hours you need to leave. And don’t let the door hit you on the way out, it doesn’t need to smell either.” I will get a picture of it when I get back into town. (Via)

Meanwhile, the Pokémon players next door laugh at the Gatherers, comforted by the fact that they slathered magazine cologne samples all over their body before heading out for the night.

Via Reddit