Watch These Crazy Sisters Beat On Each Other In A Rafting Rapids Fight

A group of kayakers recorded this harrowing scene along North Carolina’s Nantahala Gorge, as they came up upon a guided raft tour that was host to a knock-down, drag-out fight between two sisters as the raft moved precariously into rough waters. It’s unknown what exactly the women were fighting about, but it’s insinuated that alcohol may have been involved. For their part, the kayakers attempted to intervene as the tour guide tried in vain to get the women to stop fighting, all while a third woman who may or may not have been involved seemed to get stuck in the middle.

But I can’t really sum the whole thing up better than Redditor Glitch198, who says: “Fighting in a raft as it goes down rapids sounds like something out of an action movie.” I’d also like to give a big kudos to the tour guide for keeping her cool throughout the whole thing, because I’d imagine drunken sisters fighting is not a typical emergency scenario that one prepares themselves for. It’s probably not the endorsement Big Creek Expeditions (as it says on the side of the raft) was looking for, but it’s the one they’ve got.

(Via Reddit)