Six Seasons And A Movie: The Stages Of ‘Community’ Grief On The Internet

If you’re anyone I’d ever have a non-painful conversation with you’re already aware and bummed out by the news that NBC has pulled Community from their midseason lineup, putting television’s smartest comedy on a collision course with full-on cancellation. I’d love to tell you I’m in disbelief but — as someone who naively wrote “Save Arrested Development” emails to FOX back in 2006 — it was all too inevitable. Direct your anger at NBC all you want (they’ve brought it on themselves) but, seeing as how the Big Bang Theory fan in the cubicle next to you isn’t getting an injection of comedy sophistication anytime soon, this was bound to happen. The masses simply aren’t capable of the properly appreciating the subtle complexities of Black Hitler.

So of course the internet is grieving, hardcore fans going through the process much like they would with a death in the family (assuming that family member liked paintball episodes). The only difference is: THIS IS INTERNET! We don’t accept! We occupy! Betty White on SNL! Timberlake to the Marine’s Ball! ScarJo nudes! There’s nothing we can’t accomplish! appears to mounting the most valiant effort in the 24 hour wake of the news. Petitions and the like. The #SixSeasonsAndAMovie hashtag is also rather brilliant. For my part I’ve outlined the stages of internet Community grief here so all you Human Beings out there can experience it with a sort of uniformity and then get on to occupying at an accelerated rate.

Help us, FX. You’re our only hope.

Source: #Community

Save-Community has also put together this excellent video. The least you can do is sign their petition.