Skydiver Gets Knocked Unconscious In Mid-Air, Fellow Jumpers Scramble To Deploy His Parachute

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01.30.14 4 Comments

A skydiver who collided with another jumper while leaping out of a plane 12,500 feet in the air was left lifelessly hurtling toward the ground as his fellow skydivers scrambled to deploy his parachute. And the whole scene was captured by his helmet camera.

The footage above shows the entire terrifying incident. A pair of James Lee’s fellow jumpers recognize something is wrong with the 25-year-old and manage to maneuver to his side. Realizing he’s been knocked unconscious, the fast-thinking duo moves him into a safe position before pulling his rip cord. Lee regains consciousness as he’s safely floating to the ground and lands safely with no memory of the intense scene that unfolded in the air.

The last thing you hear is a huge exhale, which seems appropriate.

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