Skyrim “Crimes Against Nature” Mod Lives Up To Its Name

Continuing our accidental theme of nightmare fuel and Team Ninja’s venerable tradition of crimes against taste comes a Skyrim mod called Crimes Against Nature.

The words “Truth In Advertising” have never been more apt.

The Steam Workshop page for this mod really says it all:

This began as an attempt to convert Skyrim’s dog head to a working headmesh. It evolved into something arguably worse.

It includes 4 horrifically bastardized races, 4 summons of said races, and a summonable mount voiced by Tommy Wiseau.

As I have Skyrim on my PC, I downloaded this mod and immediately turned everything I could find into, at best, a robot being controlled by a kitten in the head and at worst into this:

Yes, that is an animate chair. But really, why describe it when you could see it in action?

Believe me, there is nothing quite like playing this mod. It turns what’s a fairly dour and self-serious game into something that is simultaneously hysterical and disturbing. The third time you beat a creature that looks like Mattel and Hasbro crossed their assembly lines back in the ’80s and put out My Little He-Man to death with your fists, you might stop laughing.

The first two times are really funny, though.