Watch This University Lecture Get A Surprise Interruption By A Sleeping Student

Sometimes you just need to catch a quick nap in the middle of those crazy college days. You might be working too hard, studying a bit too much, or maybe you just partied to the point of exhaustion. No matter the reason, you’ll do what you can to find a spot to nap. Everything but go back to your dorm and skip classes, which makes too much sense.

This student chooses the next best place to take a nap, but forgot to check the schedule for the lecture hall. So right in the middle of this class, our sleepy hero manages to surprise everybody in the class with a very rude awakening. The best part is how he manages to walk out of the room almost immediately after waking up.

The video is certainly not what you expected and I’d call it fake if it wasn’t in the middle of a lecture. It makes sense to film a lecture instead of writing it down these days, but that doesn’t mean someone didn’t get their friend to fake a stunt like this. You would do a lot for a case of beer in these lean college days.

(Via Mashable / mrhira32)