This Slow Motion Fire Tornado Will Remind You To Never Play With Fire

If there’s one thing that’s scarier than a tornado, it’s a sharknado. But if sharks, which have giant teeth and are drawn to the smell of blood, are not scary enough for you, here’s a fun tidbit of information that will send you running for the hills: two men have created a fire tornado—that’s a combination of tornado and wildfire—and filmed it for your entertainment. How soon, though, before Mother Nature decides to make this a real thing?

The video’s brought to you by The Slow Mo Guys, who have also brought you a video of a man forcing his way into a giant balloon (trust me, it makes sense if you watch it). Of course, this video is just a little more dangerous, so you might not want to show it to anyone who might try this at home. You, friend, shouldn’t try it at home, either.