Snagglepuss Is Coming Out Of The Closet In His New Comic

Once they hit adulthood, did anybody not realize Snagglepuss was gay? Hanna Barbera’s giant pink cat was always living in a glass closet, so DC, as part of their odd but often rewarding experiment reinventing the old Hanna Barbera cartoons, has decided to shoo him out and make him an openly gay playwright on Broadway in the 1950s. No, really.

Granted, the idea sounds vaguely ridiculous, not least because aside from Huckleberry Hound serving as a Faulkner-esque guide to the social scene of New York City in the Eisenhower era, everybody else is very much real and very human, including Marlon Brando and Dorothy Parker, and Snaggle will apparently be going in front of the House Un-American Activities Committee. That story will be in the March annual where the Banana Splits are mistaken for supervillains and are forced to team up with the Suicide Squad. Yes, that is also a real comic.

This may sound like a prank, but the writer, Mark Russell, has updated The Flintstones as a modern social commentary with a dark streak a mile wide that manages to be hilarious while dealing with such lighthearted topics as the psychological costs of war, environmental destruction, the soul-numbing nature of consumer culture, and ethnic cleansing. Just, hopefully, somebody gives Magilla Gorilla a turn of the knob too, as that guy’s so far in the closet he could hand you your shoes.

(via Newsarama)