Watch This Teenager Snapchat The Moment A Plane Tragically Crashed Into Her Apartment Complex

Paige McVeigh was doing what many youths do when they’re bored and have a camera ready in hand: taking a selfie. What McVeigh didn’t expect was a flash of light from a Hawker H25 business jet streaming through her window and streaking across her face before the jet smashed into her apartment complex. Her reaction and the proceeding explosion can be seen and heard on the Snapchat video she uploaded to Twitter.

The plane had left Akron Fulton Airport in Ohio — its sixth stop after leaving Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on Monday — and had clipped power lines four miles out from the airport, resulting in the plane nosediving into the Ohio apartment complex; nine people died.

The nine people killed were all on the plane: seven passengers and two pilots. No residents were home at the time the jet crashed into the complex, but a nearby home also caught fire in the ensuing blaze. The owner and operator of the plane has not released the names of the victims pending notification of their families. One witness stated that the plane “just dropped out of the sky.”

Officials are scheduled to hold a press conference at the site of the crash on Wednesday.

(Via New York Post)