Is This Sneaker The Latest Incarnation Of ‘The Dress?’

Back in the year 2015 before the world went completely insane, the biggest subject dividing Americans was the color of a dress that went viral on the internet. Was it white and gold? Or was it blue and black? Interestingly enough, the phenomenon pulled back the curtain on differences in human color perception, which has been an ongoing subject into scientific investigations into neuroscience and vision science.

We’ve seen other variations on the dress, such as a purse that was either white or blue depending on the individual, and the dress in audio form with the yanny vs. laurel debate last year. And now, the internet has gifted us with yet another great color debate.

Annie Yu, Morning Anchor of Get Up DC, tweeted a photo of an innocuous-looking sneaker on Tuesday. “Here we go, again,” she wrote. “Another color ‘debate.’ What color do you see? I see grey and teal, but some say pink and white…”

Oddly enough, I personally see pinkish-grey on the sneaker and teal on the sole and laces, but as these things tend to go, people had a wide range of conclusions.

Unlike the dress, which was ultimately revealed to have been blue and black, it’s unclear what brand the sneaker as as there’s no visible identification, so — in other words — we may never know. Let the mystery be?