Snoop Dogg’s White Guy Persona Named Todd Is Inexplicably Promoting ‘White Guys Connect’

So I have no idea what’s going on here, but yesterday Snoop Dogg unveiled his new white guy persona named “Todd” to the world, which first popped up on Instagram, and now there’s a bunch of YouTube videos of Snoop/Todd promoting something called “White Guys Connect,” which is apparently a dating service for meeting ladies. I couldn’t find anything out when I Googled it, and since at one point he calls it “White Men Connect,” I’m guessing it’s fake. Plus, wouldn’t something called “White Guys Connect” actually be about connecting white guys with other white guys? Oh, Snoop.

Anyway, Snoop’s white person impersonation isn’t even all that good, which of course means that it’s also hilarious and a thousand times more successful than Nick Cannon’s horribly failed attempt. Amazing, isn’t it, how the execution of a similar joke can have a wildly different outcome when the person executing it is actually funny in the first place?