Witness The Tragedy Of A Giant Snow Penis Being Ruthlessly Demolished By A Bulldozer

In this age of internet activism, we try to affect change by defiantly using hashtags to express the minimum possible amount of effort and concern. That way, when those things beyond our control happen anyway, we can say that we tried to do something without having to sacrifice our precious time or sweat. The same cannot be said of these Texas Tech University students who staged a valiant protest in front of the 11-foot-tall phallus that they crafted on their fair campus grounds. Apparently, a giant snow penis was too much for some stuffy prudes at the university, so a bulldozer was called upon to take it down. Tragic.

Watch the video of the whole incident above and you will feel nothing but helpless — impotent, even — as campus officials wait for these heroes to move away from their snow dong and cease their efforts to freeze it in place with gallons of water that not even the most magical wishes could turn into ice in time to prevent the inevitable destruction.

If I may offer these students some comfort, I hope they can picture the tiny crumbled ice balls that remain as a school of snow-sperm, each as unique and special as snowflakes, that can still go on and create spectacular snow-things before melting into oblivion. O let this not be a snow penis wasted, but a solid shaft transformed into an army of potential following a climax of discovery and progress.

Source: Chron