Watch This Adorable Row Of Satanic Snowmen Hail Their Dark Lord

Since before Halloween, retail stores have waded through the thick of holiday merchandising season. Anyone who’s been shopping lately will know that Christmas decorations are out in full force because Thanksgiving is a non-event for shoppers. One brave man decided to combat the aggressive holiday displays that assaulted his very senses. This could have been a toy store or perhaps even a drug store. Whatever the case, a row of innocent looking, plush snowmen was ready for mayhem.

The man carefully approached the army of snowmen. With one simple phrase, he transformed them into a force for evil. He commanded them to repeat “Hail Satan!” The soldiers of darkness replied with cheerful aplomb as they bobbed up and down with excitement. Over and over again, the toys complied with the man’s wishes to salute Lucifer, and he laughed heartily in response. We don’t know what happened after this video’s conclusion, but people must be watching this Vine on a loop. 12 million repeats can’t be wrong, and this man has no idea what evil forces he’s unleashed on the world.

After this store closes, sh*t goes down every night. It’s Toy Story and Evil Dead all wrapped up in a cute Christmas bow.

(Via Ravid on Vine)