So 9% Of Humanity Would Sleep With A Robot

04.12.13 6 years ago 14 Comments

The Huffington Post and YouGov decided to have a poll about robots and how people feel about them. People are kinda iffy at the moment. A third of us wouldn’t mind a robot servant, 22% of us would let a robot take care of their grandparents, and nine percent of us really, really want to get on a reality show and don’t care what they have to do to make that happen.

Yes, in what was pretty blatant headline bait, the poll asked “If it were possible, would you ever have sex with a robot?”, and nine percent replied yes. What really gets us is the fact that the poll had eleven percent mark down “Not Sure”.

So, wait. “Not sure” as in “I find the moral and psychological aspects of this troubling and I would need to sort those out before I came to a decision one way or the other”, or “not sure” as in “Well, what kind of robot are we talking about here, because if it don’t do cowboy this poll respondent don’t ride?”

Apparently, though, if you sleep with a robot, it’s cheating: 42% said yes when asked if that was the case. And 26% were again not sure.

It’s not terribly surprising, really. Anybody who’s been to a store selling “martial aids” or “adult novelties” knows that you can basically get perfectly molded dismembered body parts of famous porn stars with motors in them, so basically we already sell sex robots, they’re just aimed carefully at the “aspiring serial killer” market. It’s really just building something humanlike that isn’t utterly terrifying keeping us from ending human reproduction as we know it.

We hope. Just in case, here’s a primer on why robosexuality is wrong:

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