So, How Long Will The New Gay Titan Last?

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09.20.11 2 Comments

DC has an odd relationship with diversity. Generally, it comes when they off a bunch of legacy characters and introduce new ones. Sometimes, it works: we’re always going to miss Ted Kord, but Jaime Reyes makes an interesting and fun Blue Beetle, and we’re glad he survived DC’s latest purge. Other times…well, let’s just say that so far, Renee Montoya is heavily implied to be dead in the reboot.

So, Bunker comes onto the scene. To be fair to Scott Lobdell, he can actually handle characters like this fairly well, and in interviews he’s made a good point: DC’s gay men, like Obsidian or the Cavalier, tend to be pretty much unremarked on. Maybe there’s a panel where they kiss another dude. So he wanted to go with an out-and-proud character who’s never had to be in a closet.

He’s also worried about screwing it up. We’ll know one way or the other this Wednesday. But either way, honestly, I don’t give this character much time: either he’ll pull a Thunderbird, or DC will chicken out.

[ via the together titans at Bleeding Cool ]

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