Someone Paid $27,000 For A ‘Magic: The Gathering’ Card On eBay

Last night, we took a trip down 90s nostalgia lane in a bad way, as we all said our sorrowful goodbyes to any new versions of Winamp, thanks to the company closing its doors next month. So to lighten the 90s mood, let’s talk about one of the most celebrated and cherished card games ever created, Magic: The Gathering, which is still alive and well today. However, I don’t know much at all about the game, other than what the guy I just gave a wedgie to told me, so my shock over this story is sincere and honest.

On Sunday, an eBay auction for what is said to be a very rare Magic: The Gathering card ended, and someone apparently paid $27,302 for a 9.5-rated Alpha Black Lotus Card from 1993. That’s $27,302 that could have been spent on a car, college tuition or a Frank Stallone concert, but instead it’s a Magic card. It better be one hell of a card.

According to the seller, it sure as heck is. HECK, I SAY!

We are proud to offer the holy grail of non sports cards in the finest condition ever graded by BGS. To date, BGS has only graded two examples with 2 pristine 10 subgrades. Only 1 point away from being a six figure Pristine 10. The surface looks pristine as well and is worthy of being reviewed. One of over 5000 cards, lots and sets up for bid in our 9th auction of 2013.

Thanks to eBay’s privacy rules, I don’t have a clue who purchased this ultra-rare card, but if I had to guess, he’s probably celebrating right now with a bottle of Dom and a nude Kate Upton.