These Sons Were Not Thrilled To See Their Moms Catcalled

Video producers of the internet have been following up on the famous — or infamous — street harassment experiment that took place just about a year ago. Whether you think it was staged or not, the video that showed a woman walking down the street and getting catcalled (and followed) at every turn shed a light on the subject of street harassment. Because it’s gross and it’s a problem.

Not long ago, Cosmopolitan put some boyfriends to the test when they showed them videos of their girlfriends getting catcalled. Then The Scene showed some dads (one of whom is a friend of mine, full disclosure) reacting to their daughters getting catcalled. Now they’ve gathered up some sons to react to their moms being catcalled.

Well, rather than getting mad, they’re more weirded out that men find their moms so attractive. Not sure this experiment proved anything except that these young men probably have a hard time thinking of their mothers as sexual objects. Because EW GROSS, BRO.

(via The Scene)