Sony To America: You Want PSOne Classics on Your Vita? Too Bad

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08.28.12 4 Comments

Sony, as part of their on-going push to save the Vita, recently announced that they’d be bringing PSOne classics to the portable. Yay!

It’ll launch with… nine games!

Granted these nine games include titles like Twisted Metal 2, Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy VII, Arc The Lad, Syphon Filter and Wild Arms. But then you get a look at what’s hitting Europe day one and, well, what the hell, Sony?

Seriously, the Europe list is A) massive, and B) includes just about everything people want day one. Silent Hill, Tekken, Driver… it’s a huge list of titles. Granted a lot of it is shovelware, but they’ve still got a complete run of franchises.

So what the hell is going on? Well, if you look at the list, one problem immediately pops out: licensing.

Europe’s list has a lot of games based on licensed properties. For some reason, it’s easier to clear rights in Europe. So Sony spent the money in Europe and… well… we guess America gets the shaft.

But hey, you can play Final Fantasy VII again!

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