Sony’s ‘Playstation Now’ Will Finally Bring Top PS3 Games To The PS4 This Month

One of the big promised features for Sony’s Playstation 4 pre-launch was Playstation Now, a cloud-based streaming service that would let you play old Playstation titles, including full PS3 games, on your PS4. Playstation Now has been in Beta for much of 2014, but we’ve been left waiting on the full, Netflix-like service we were promised. That’s about to change.

Sony has announced Playstation Now will launch on January 13th. The service will charge players a monthly fee and to be able to play an unlimited number of games from the Playstation Now catalog, with the cost checking in at $19.99 for one month and $44.99 for three months.

Here’s a trailer for the service…

And here are all the games that will be available at launch (click to see a larger version of the image).

No word on whether you’ll still be able to purchase individual games, although it seems like Playstation Now may be going entirely subscription based. Anybody going to take the plunge and try out Playstation Now? Personally, it’s a little expensive to be an ongoing thing for me, but I might sign up for one three-month jag to try out of a few PS3 titles I missed, provided the streaming actually works.

via ComingSoon