Sorry, America. The Dude Isn’t Interested In Being A U.S. Senator.

The internet might want Jeff Bridges to work for the government, but his wife certainly doesn’t.The award-winning actor, whose new film The Giver is set to hit theaters this weekend, won’t be answering’s online petition request that he become a U.S. Senator for the state of Montana.

The actor has lived in Park County for years and, according to petition writer Lizbeth Pratt, is the perfect candidate to represent the northwestern state in our nation’s capital. But The Dude’s wife doesn’t agree.

Bridges went on Howard Stern this week  and shot down our hopes of ever seeing him in office:

“I look down and I see this thing, ‘Jeff Bridges for Senate,’ and I say, ‘What?’

Evidently, there’s a group of people that have called in and want me to run for senator of Montana, like 1,000 people, and so I say, ‘Sue?’ And she looks at me and goes, ‘Don’t even think about it.’”


Via Entertainment Weekly