Neil Patrick Harris And Jason Segel Take Back ‘Les Misérables’ From Russell Crowe

Years before Tammy II and Ron Swanson made “love” mean something again, Megan Mullally had her own talk show. It was TERRIBLE. She was stuck in full-Karen Walker mode, meaning there was a lot of screeching. But The Megan Mullally Show did give us one very important clip: Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel singing “The Confrontation” from Les Misérables, with NPH as Javert and Segel as Jean Valjean.

So I’m happy to report that during a recent taping of Inside the Actors Studio, the How I Met Your Mother co-stars resurrected a grunt-free version of their greatest duet that doesn’t involve the word “bang.” THEORY: the Mother is Fantine. In Monday’s finale, after meeting Ted, she becomes a prostitute, loses her hair and teeth, and dies from tuberculosis. Still less painful than having to sit through Ted’s stories.