Southern Hospitality Presents Everybody’s Sworn Favourite (The Best Of Kevin Gates Mixtape)

05.10.13 6 years ago 2 Comments

Truthfully, it’s been difficult for me to enjoy nearly anything since The Luca Brasi Story hit the net. Gates’ unequivocal emotion from start to finish has made Brasi Story out to be one of the more endearing projects of the year while most music is disposable and lacking humility that allows the listener to connect with the emcee.

While it may seem that Kevin Gates has only recently exploded, he’s been grinding for a while, as is the case of most artists who garner national attention. Our friends Rob Pursey, Davey Boy Smith and DJ Superix over at Southern Hospitality compiled and mixed together some of Gates’ finest work, the highlights from a catalog of highlights, and leave you with Everybody’s Sworn Favourite (The Best of Kevin Gates).

DownloadSouthern Hospitality Presents ‘Everybody’s Sworn Favourite (The Best Of Kevin Gates Mixtape)

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