Space Force Named Its Members The Guardians And Everyone Made The Same Marvel Jokes

Mike Pence had a busy Friday, starting with taking the first steps to immunize himself against coronavirus. And then he made himself the topic of a second round of viral reaction by announcing a name for what we should call Space Force troops.

Pence announced on Friday, after flexing his way through a publicly-televised COVID-19 vaccine, and said that members of Space Force will be called “guardians.” The news was echoed on Twitter by the branch’s official account.

“A name by space professionals, for space professionals,” the slogan read. The tweets celebrating the name also used the hashtag #SemperSupra, the branch’s official slogan which is latin for “always above.” Which, you know, kind of works.

The name “guardians” is essentially akin to members of the Army being called soldiers, and such, but given that the group deals with space there were some obvious jokes to be made. What are the Guardians, well, guarding? Earth? Or perhaps something more… universal? And so jokes were made, as there were some pretty obvious connections to Guardians of the Galaxy to poke fun at.

It will certainly be interesting to see if the Netflix show named after this new branch of the armed forces will adopt the real-life name for its troops. It if, like the show itself, it will go a different direction in Season 2.