A Space Shuttle Fuel Tank Invaded The Streets Of L.A. And Caused Mass Selfie-Taking Hysteria

05.22.16 3 years ago

At this point anything (and we mean anything) can incite people to transform into selfie-taking monsters.

Case in point: the recent trek of a giant space shuttle fuel tank through the streets of Los Angeles. The ET-94, a massive, 66,000 pound fuel tank which has been dubbed the “last flight-qualified space shuttle external tank in existence,” creeped through the normally congested streets of L.A. this weekend on its way to its new home at the California Science Center.

The tank was never employed in a mission but it was used to study the possible causes of the Columbia shuttle crash years ago. After being transported by barge to Marina Del Rey on Wednesday, the massive receptacle inched 16-miles, making two turns, before finally arriving at the Center  hours after it left the bay. It will be joining the space shuttle Endeavor (which made a similar journey four years ago) at the center, making the museum the only place in the world you can see a complete shuttle stack — an orbiter, external tank, and solid rocket booster.

While space-nerds everywhere rejoice, it seem watching a 15-story fuel container, whose color matches the exact shade of Donald Trump’s comb-over, is cause for celebration among the general population as well — we blame you for this Matt Damon.

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