Here's The Dancing Spider-Man Baby Because The World Needs More Dancing Babies

Evian has treated us all to a sequel of their Baby And Me ad and this time they’ve brought Spider-Man along for the strange ride. In case you missed the other ad, the premise is that folks are apt to drink Evian water and see themselves as babies in their reflections. Then, much like an ape at the zoo, they will begin to hop about and jump for joy at the sight of a mini-baby version of themselves dancing and copying their every move.

Basically it seems that Evian water may be laced with hallucinogenics and some villain slipped some to Spider-Man in an effort to keep him from fighting crime for a fresh moment. And who can be mad when you see those fresh dance moves on Spider-Man Baby!

I’m not sure who started the entire “babies in advertising” kick that we’ve been on for years, but I really hope a lot of bad things have happened to them. This might be just a slight bit better than the Just For Men baby, but not half as bad as the E-Trade baby. I kind of feel like Ally McBeal is to blame, but I can’t bring myself to attack those mini-skirts.

(Via Evian)