Spider-Man Knocked Himself Out At A Birthday Party In Argentina

Back in November, the Internet fell in love with the dad who dressed up as Spider-Man for his sick son’s birthday. The guy even leapt off the roof in front of the kid to impress him, and it was awesome. So much so that it probably inspired a copy cat in Argentina that didn’t go as well.

That’s because the guy who dressed up as the wall crawler fancied himself a bit of gymnast — doing flip after flip to impress the kids at a party. It seemed to work at first, but after the costumed performer missed the landing on a back flip, he fell head-first into floor.

All the kids think it’s cool, but the guy doesn’t move after plowing into the hard tile. A few concerned parents rushed to his side to make sure he’s okay. Meanwhile, the kids lost interest because, well, they’re kids.

(Via LiveLeak)

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