Legendary Erotic Artist Milo Manara Did A Cover For Spider-Woman #1, With Predictable Results

So, Jessica Drew, aka Spider-Woman is getting her own ongoing series, which is great! Of course, Spider-Woman sort of has the same “problem” as Power Girl — she’s a great character with a really fantastic, iconic costume that just so happens to be pretty darn sexy, which many artists often tend to over-focus on. So, you’d think Marvel might want to play down the sexy just a little on the cover of the series’ first issue, just so everyone knows this series isn’t going to be all about the Spider-boobs.

Nope. Instead Marvel got master of erotic comics Milo Manara to do a cover for Spider-Woman #1. Now, I’m not knocking Manara’s work at all — there’s a place for erotic comix, but that place probably isn’t the cover of brand new mainstream Marvel series. Check this bidness out…

Spider-Woman auditioning for the next Nicki Minaj video. 

Again, it’s actually a lovely piece of art, but seriously, there’s no way all of New York isn’t getting a full view of Jessica Drew’s b-hole here. If you want to get your jollies hiring famous comic porn artists, Marvel, maybe stick to your for-mature-readers MAX line in the future.

Via io9