Spirit Airlines Took A Shot At Anthony Weiner Again With Another Zany Ad

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Spirit Airlines Anthony Weiner

Oh, Spirit Airlines. Whatever are we going to do with you and your witty-yet-totally-unrelated advertising campaigns? Just like they did after Anthony Weiner’s first scandal in 2011, the folks at Spirit Airlines decided to serve up another – ahem – low blow to the New York City Democratic mayoral primary candidate, after Weiner had to hold a press conference yesterday evening to explain a new batch of lewd Formspring messages that he reportedly sent last summer.

As you can see above, this ad is rather blunt, referring directly to Weiner’s online pseudonym, Carlos Danger, in offering $24 off vacation packages. Wow, 24 whole dollars?!?! I’m going to the moon!

“We’re spreading the word of vacation package savings,” said Misty Pinson, a Spirit Airlines spokeswoman. “What’s not to love about low fares and great deals?” (Via USA Today)

I agree, Misty. Especially when those low fares and great deals poke fun at a guy who loves to have cybersex behind his wife’s back, as she bravely (and awkwardly) is forced to read tired rhetoric to a crowd of reporters that might as well be dismissively wanking while chanting, “CAR-LOS! CAR-LOS!”

As for the 2011 ad campaign, Spirit was a little more nonchalant, as the airline just used an image of a hot dog while asking, “Have you seen our wiener?” and closing with a joke that would have made middle school me spit milk out of my nose…

The Weiner

The Weiner 2

The Weiner 3

Don’t ever grow up, Spirit Airlines.

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