Open Thread: Spurs Vs. Heat, NBA Finals Game 6

It’s hard to really compare the 2013 NBA Finals to any other series we’ve witnessed in recent memory. On one hand, there really hasn’t been a favorite, as is evident by the back-and-forth, you-win-one-I-win-one style that the series has gone. On the other, with the exception of Game 1, every game has been decided by the middle of the fourth quarter.

How will Game 6 go?

It’s sink or swim time for the Heat, and they know it. No more excuses, no more speculation surrounding the future of their squad (and their coach); every thought leading to the tip has to be exclusively about winning a basketball game. And, boy, are there some corrections that need to be made on the defensive side of the ball – I don’t care how good your squad is, if every starter on the other team is dropping double-digit points, defensive assignments aren’t being held accountable for.

Still, the Spurs have their work cut out. Miami has proven deadly when backed into a corner all year (see: this year’s ECF Game 7), and, despite their obvious lapses (leaving Danny Green open again… and again… and again), they are absolutely talented enough to shut down the Spurs in South Beach. Then again, the Spurs’ track record in potential close-out road games (they’re an astounding 14-2) stands far and above the cream of the crop in the NBA.

Calling this series has been a b*tch (I called Miami over San Antonio 95-89 before Game 5), but something tells me that Miami isn’t done yet. Maybe I just don’t trust David Stern to let this incredibly entertaining series die prematurely (#staywokedog), or maybe this just so happens to be the most evenly-matched Finals matchup since Kobe dropped Boston in 2010. I just don’t see the Heat losing in six.

My Game 6 prediction? Miami 97, San Antonio 90.

Feel free to add your guesses in the comments and then plan on joining us on Tuesday night at 8:30pm EST for the usual round of basketball excitement and in-game chatter.
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