Allow This Streaker To Illustrate Why St. Paddy’s And Live TV Don’t Mix

In many cities and college towns, the tradition of St. Patrick’s Day has transformed in recent years from one day of drinking green beer to a bloated, drunken bender that stumbles along for the entire month of March. As such, things sometimes tend to get a little bit out of control.

Just one example is the Clarendon Shamrock pub crawl in Arlington, Va., which actually prompted legislation from the state of Virginia, after last year’s festivities apparently involved a streaker who stole a car. So ABC 7 Washington Bureau Chief Jeff Goldberg was on the scene this weekend for this year’s Shamrock crawl to see if anything had changed.

In a nutshell, it only took, “Jeff, everyone keeping their clothes on so far?” from the anchor back in the studio before one such reveler delivered a pretty clear cut answer to that question. To be fair, they pretty much walked right into that one. Much like saying “Bloody Mary” into the mirror three times to evoke the murderous spirit, you insinuate boobs on live TV and boobs are exactly what you’re gonna get.