A New Lawsuit Alleges Stan Lee And Family Verbally Abused Their Ex-Assistant

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08.16.15 13 Comments
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Stan Lee is Mr. Marvel, he’s Stan The Man, and he’s apparently also a pretty prickly person. A new lawsuit alleges that Lee and his daughter were verbally abusive and unrelenting against an ex-assistant. Shawn Lukaszewicz is suing the man behind many memorable Marvel characters, his daughter Joan Celia Lee, his wife Joan, and their corporations Stan Lee Productions and Pow! Entertainment.

The court documents are full of juicy tidbits that allegedly happened between the Lees and Lukaszewicz, almost too much to include in just one story. It’s definitely worth a read, but the parts on Stan Lee are some of the most interesting because it doesn’t seem like the lovable guy you see at conventions and in the cameos at all. Courthouse News provides the details:

Lukaszewicz says his initial gig for the Lee family was to set up and help manage a booth at Stan Lee’s ComiKaze convention in November last year. He was “enthusiastic and excited about his opportunity to work with the legendary Stan Lee along with his wife and daughter,” believing that he had “landed his dream job in the entertainment industry,” Lukaszewicz says in the lengthy complaint. But when Stan Lee visited the booth, he told Lukaszewicz he had done a “sh*tty job” and called the booth “f*cking embarrassing,” according to the complaint.

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