Stan Lee Met Grumpy Cat And They Grumped Together Adorably

The possibly immortal Generalissimo of Marvel comics, Stan Lee, is a pretty jovial guy, even as he approaches his 93rd birthday this December. But when he comes face-to-face with a dastardly foe such as internet sensation Grumpy Cat? Stan Lee is no match for that fuzzy curmudgeon! And the mutual grumpiness was caught on camera when Stan Lee and Grumpy Cat crossed paths and posed for a picture over the weekend. But Stan is definitely still smiling with his eyes. Because he’s Stan Lee!

As it turns out, Stan Lee and Grumpy Cat may have had something to discuss during their meeting because the latter made her comic book debut this fall. Published by Dynamite Entertainment, The Misadventures of Grumpy Cat #1 was released on October 7 and is all about the famous kitty and her brother Pokey. As you can imagine, it is pretty adorable, which is not really Marvel’s thing, but can’t you imagine that some of Marvel’s heroes would love to take some time to read about a miserable cat? All those tortured, misunderstood souls like Bruce Banner, Black Widow, Steve Rogers… Loki? You know Loki needs to look at kitties, especially ones who would make great villainous sidekicks.

Source: The Verge