‘Star Trek 2’ Finally Gets An Official Title — ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’

09.10.12 7 years ago 13 Comments

Pictured – Darkness

Hooray! No more having to awkwardly refer to the movie as “the upcoming J.J. Abrams Star Trek sequel”!

So, Star Trek Into Darkness — could this title reveal something about the plot? Will the movie be a Star Trek take on Joseph Conrad’s novel Heart of Darkness? The novel (which was also the basis for Apocalypse Now and tons of other stuff) is about a crew sailing a boat into unsettling new territory in search of a man who’s gone dangerously mad with power and set himself up as a God. Pretty much sounds like a Star Trek plot already.

Or maybe the title isn’t a literary reference and the movie will just be super 90s-style dark and gritty. All the uniforms will be covered in pouches and the actors will have prosthetics attached to their foreheads to give them extra frown-lines.

What do you folks think of Star Trek Into Darkness? Awesome title or awkward? Is it okay for a Star Trek movie not to have a colon in the title? Hit the comments if you’re up for discussing these heavy topics.

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