‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Super Bowl Spot Asks The Question We’ve All Been Thinking

The newest Star Trek Into Darkness TV spot premiered during the Super Bowl last night. Needless to say, Tumblr exploded with pictures and GIFs. We have some of those pictures below as well as the new video. It still doesn’t answer the question Captain Kirk poses to John Harrison, “Who the hell are you?” We may have to wait till the movie opens on May 17th to find out which character Benedict Cumberbatch is actually portraying, although another theory is making the rounds.

The collective minds at HitFix and Bleeding Cool have put together a very plausible theory that Benedict Cumberbatch’s character is really Robert April. Who? Well, if you ever watched the very short lived ’70s animated series, he appears in the episode “The Counter-Clock Incident” (watch it here) as the first captain of the Enterprise before Christopher Pike (Bruce Greenwood). The plot of that episode found everyone on the Enterprise aging backwards while April figuried out how to reverse the process. If you’ve seen the nine-minute preview, you know that it opens with a little girl in the hospital, who appears to be rapidly aging, when Cumberbatch shows up and tells the father played by Noel Clarke that he can cure her. [The Playlist]

Well, whoever Benedict Cumberbatch is playing, we’re looking forward to the scene where he and Chris Pine perform “Anything You Can Do“.

That last one may not have happened, but that’s how it went in the version in my head.

UPDATE: Paramount has also released an app for “access to early showtimes of the film (starting May 15th in select IMAX 3D theaters) and an extended version of the TV spot.”

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