Star Trek: The Next Generation is 25-Years-Old. Celebrate With this Awesome Panel Featuring the Entire Cast

So, the entire cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation (including Wesley) recently reunited in honor of TNG’s 25th anniversary (yes, TNG is 25 years old) in Calgary. Why Calgary of all places? Don’t ask me to explain the mysteries of the universe. Thankfully there were cameras rolling, so you can watch the entire panel after the jump.

Highlights include the fact that all the hostile alien planets visited on the show were covered in cat s–t, Patrick Stewart’s love of the smoke machine while directing (“smoke made s–t look good, didn’t it?”), a surprise pro wrestling-style run-in through the crowd by a certain Trek antagonist with a one-letter name, and the revelation that Patrick Stewart is the only white man LeVar Burton will kiss on the lips.

Come on, how can you resist with teases like that? Hit that jump!

via BestWeekEver

Is it just me, or does Jonathan Frakes totally look like Philip Seymour Hoffman now? Time man…it makes Philip Seymour Hoffmans of us all.

I love Tasha Yar suddenly appearing and firing off one awkward joke, before she’s immediately interrupted by Troi and silenced for the rest of the show. If she was going to be on the panel, this is how it had to be.

There’s still three more parts to this panel. Hit page two to check ’em out!

I like the story of the astronaut emailing Beverly from the space station. Beverly? Really?

“I never f–king liked you Wil.” Who had their money on LeVar Burton dropping the one f-bomb of the panel?

Okay, this final section is pretty much pure fan service. Q shows up! Jean-Luc and Beverly making out! Jean-Luc and Geordi making out! All my greatest slash-fic is coming true!