Star Wars Megafan Retells The Story Of ‘A New Hope’… As Haiku

Craig W. Chenery either loves the form of haiku or just has a lot of time on his hands. We say this because he’s just recapped all of the first Star Wars in haiku form. And it’s glorious.

Chenery approaches the whole exercise with a rather dry sense of humor. Like, for example, this:

“Sand people alright
I can see one of them now”
He missed the other

Nor is he above editorializing; the whole… saga? Cycle? Epic? Let’s go with epic. The whole epic is interspersed with snarky asides about the Lucasized Special Edition changes in carefully chosen syllables:

Obi Wan shows up
New edition voice over
I miss the old one

Or observations on some of the odder moments in the movie.

Broken Sandcrawler
Jawas face down in the dirt
Let’s set fire to them

You really should read the whole thing; Chenery really does manage to evoke that precise moment of the movie in your mind with each one. Also, you can claim that it’s culture; you’re experiencing a practical application of poetry, after all.