‘Star Wars Rebels’ Debuts Its First Seven Minutes

Star Wars Rebels has just revealed its first seven minutes, and honestly, it looks pretty good! That doesn’t mean, however, that there isn’t room for improvement.

The gist of the clip is that Ezra is a clever teenage thief with a heart of gold who, seeing an easy score, instead stumbles right into the nascent Rebellion against the Empire. It’s actually a pretty well-characterized show; we learn Ezra is less good or evil and more chaotic neutral in these seven minutes, for example.

That said, one of the action sequences was a little flat and cramped. For example, this bit:

Reminded me less of Star Wars, due to how claustrophobic the geography of the scene was, and felt more along the lines of this:

Similarly, until the speederbike fight, the action is a bit too static. But this is something they can easily fix in future episodes, and it doesn’t detract from the overall vibe of the show. The shoutout to North by Northwest, of all movies, that caps off the clip is particularly promising.

In short, it looks good, and we’ll be curious to see the full pilot. That’ll hit the airwaves sometime in October, on Disney XD.