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Alderaan shot first!

The Star Wars blu-rays dropped yesterday in the UK and release this Thursday in the US, so we’ve collected some of the ads and featurettes from the over 40 hours of special features included in these discs. (40 hours? Is at least one of those hours showing George Lucas dropping a slow deuce onto a piece of paper that says, “My legacy” or is that just implied?)

But more importantly, this wouldn’t be a Star Wars post without sarcastic photoshoppery and other cool stuff. One photoshop is after the jump, and the other one above is the newest change to the Blu-rays: Alderaan shoots first. We also enjoyed this gallery of continuity errors and bloopers in all six films. Not as much as we’d enjoy if LucasArts accidentally released the original theatrical versions on Blu-ray, but still.

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