War On Kinkade: ‘Star Wars’ Makes Thomas Kinkade Paintings Pop With Class And Elegance

I’ve never understood the popularity of Thomas Kinkade, the “Painter of Light”, and his schmaltzy, overwrought cottages and gardens. That said, his work is ripe for parody, which is why I tell people about Something Awful’s Kinkade parodies every chance I get. Now another photoshopped parody is here for us to share with everyone, thanks to Jeff Bennett.

Bennett added Star Wars stuff like stormtroopers and a Rancor to some of Kinkade’s saccharine paintings. The series is called “War on Kinkade”, about which Technabob aptly says, “It’s as if the Empire has invaded a quiet Christmas village and turned it into an Imperial base.”

As an aside, Filmdrunk once relayed an encounter — or Kinkounter if you will — with Thomas Kinkade at 45 minutes into Frotcast 95. Kinkade has already passed, so we can’t ask what he thinks of that story or these photoshops, but, judging from his past controversies, we believe he would respond by slurring something offensive and urinating in public. It wasn’t just his paintings he coated with something yellow.

This one’s for you, Walt.

View the rest of Jeff Bennett’s “War on Kinkade” at his DeviantART page.